Double CLICK

Double-CLICK from Officine SISTEMICHE on Vimeo.

DoubleCLICK! is a prototype of semi-automatic drawer. It responds the need to have a portable device which is able to draw on several materials at any dimension.
It works with Processing and Arduino: the first manages the image to draw, the second controls the pen. What you need is: two optical mice bound together, servo controllers, Arduino board connected with a computer and, of course, paper and pen!

This is not a stand-alone printer, the user who moves the mice is the real designer since the frequency and the style of the sketch is human-dependent.

Arduino Uno
+ optical mouse (x2)
+ servo controller (x2)
+ wires and breadboard
+ paper and pen
= DoubleCLICK


Would you like to try by yourself?
Try to build

DoubleCLICK Basic

No boundaries:

the size of the resulting image can be scaled to every dimension


the supporting surface can be any material, according with the mouse effectiveness and the pen tool


results vary according with the hand of the user

Set up components and choose the image to draw

Acquire mice positions and calculate the angle between them

Where are we on the virtual image?

Your turn! Move device and the pen responds to pixel brightness

Be patient and you'll be rewarded with accuracy

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